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Your Average Pieces

Some players are very motivated and assemble in their first WPD 40,000 and more pieces.
But in their second year the motivation (or spare-time) is not as high as it was last time, and they assemble perhaps "only" 15,000 pieces.
Only in quotation marks, because also 15,000 is a really great achievement!!

Nobody wants to play down 15,000 assembled pieces in 60 days. No. 

 But the average number of this player falls off from 40,000 to 27,500. ((40,000+15,000)/2)

This is the topic here on this place of our website.
We can't compare an average number of pieces of 25,000 from a player who played 2 times with another player who played already 4 times and has the same number.

In the following table you see a screenshot where we would like to explain.
On top of this table are first the players who played all 7 editions from 2013 to 2019.
These 7-times players are sorted by their average number of pieces and names in alphabetical order.
Below you can see the first 6-times players, sorted by the same way. The number of their place starts after every change to a lower number of participations again at 1.

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