Give piece a chance


Our World Puzzle Days Keychains are every year one of the most desired wins in our raffle. They are made of Stainless Steel, very thick and good quality, and engraved on both sides. Side 1 with the winners name, side two with the letters WPD and the number of the year. A very handsome piece.

But only one of us can win it once a year. Only one goes out to the whole wide world.
These keychains are also a symbol that we all are one. Keychains connecting players.

But where to went our keychains?

Keychain 2018

WPD 2018
Gisella Palacios

Keychain 2016

WPD 2016
Tatiana & Sergio

Keychain 2017

WPD 2017
Nico Lee

Keychain 2013

WPD 2013
Regieli Pereira B.

Keychain 2014

WPD 2014
Beatriz Fuller

Keychain 2015

WPD 2015
Marta & Jan

Keychain Backside

 Play in the WPD 2019 and with a little luck the next keychain could be yours!