Give piece a chance


Summer Contest 2019!

Our sponsor Cashback World gives 1 copy of this amazing 2000 pcs. puzzle from Cobble Hill
to the one who got most cash back in July/August/September 2019!


The Four Seasons

So, if you still have not your own World Puzzle Days Cashback Card, what are you waiting for? 😊
Every player can have his own card. Even every player of every team!
To get your own card simply click here to register and follow these few steps to install your card on your phone.

So choose your card today and use it, use it, use it,...
The more you use your card, the more money of your purchases you get back.
The more you use your card, the bigger your chance to win this amazing puzzle!

You mean you would have no chance to be the one with most money back on your card?
Well, between all other active WPD Cashback Card users 
this treasure will be raffled:

Josephine Wall's "Snowflake" from Holdson, New Zealand!
Simply WOW!

This puzzle was imported to Europe many years ago and is hard to find collector item!
Everybody can win it. Even the one who uses his card less.

This contest runs from July 12 until September 25, 2019. Winners will be presented on September 27. 
To be qualified for this contest you need to be active card holder. Means shopping for at least 10 euros.
To detect the winner of the main prize purchases with "open status" cannot be counted, due to your right of return on your latest purchases. 

More contests of our new sponsor will follow... So it's better to pull your card as soon as possible.

Don't stop reading, my friend! 😎

Would you like a real World Puzzle Days Cashback Fan Card?

(Material is like credit cards! Great quality!)
The production of these branded cards (for use as a Cashback Card as well as a Fan Card!) is expensive and these cards cannot be for free. But these cards are very special for every World Puzzle Days player. You are part of it! Show that you are part of our great community with this special Cashback Card! If it still doesn't work in your country for cash back, take it proudly as a fan card! Cards will be ordered as soon as we have 350 interested fans. Price p. card incl. shipping: € 4,-

You can order your personal WPD Fan Card binding here. Please do not send money now!
First we have to look if there are 350 interested fans wanting such a special card. Then we order
and contact you to transfer the 4 Euros by paypal. After the production cards will be shipped to you.  

Final design may be different.