A Guide through this website and what are we doing in the WPD.

You don't have to read all 8 pages. But if you once read them you'll know about the sense behind every menu and menu point and you can enjoy a maximum of the next WPD.

 What are we doing at the World Puzzle Days?
(Video of the WPD 2018.)

News about the WPDhttp://www.worldpuzzledays.com/HOME/index.php/#W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_5220783WPD not in 2019 on VK...http://www.worldpuzzledays.com/HOME/index.php/;focus=W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_5220783?a=20181118114611-7151&m=d#W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_5220783The World Puzzle Days 2019 unfortunately can not be held on VK. I am very sorry but due to several reasons (of time and health - I will have to go to the medical center for some days during the WPD) the double...Sun, 18 Nov 2018 10:46:00 GMThttp://www.worldpuzzledays.com/HOME/index.php/;focus=W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_5220783?a=20181118114611-7151&m=d#W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_52207832018-11-18T10:46:00ZPop-up windows do not show you the entire table?http://www.worldpuzzledays.com/HOME/index.php/;focus=W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_5220783?a=20180913203545-2109&m=d#W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_5220783Many buttons do not lead you to the google spreadsheets, they open a pop-up window. Some players have a different screen resolution, and so a few columns are possibly not to see for you without scrolling to...Thu, 13 Sep 2018 18:35:00 GMThttp://www.worldpuzzledays.com/HOME/index.php/;focus=W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_5220783?a=20180913203545-2109&m=d#W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_52207832018-09-13T18:35:00ZNews for the WPD 2019http://www.worldpuzzledays.com/HOME/index.php/;focus=W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_5220783?a=20180702234450-6150&m=d#W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_5220783You are on the Homepage of this website and the News here are about the World Puzzle Days and this site in general. If you want to see News about the WPD 2019 (the upcoming event) please use the menu above and...Mon, 02 Jul 2018 21:44:00 GMThttp://www.worldpuzzledays.com/HOME/index.php/;focus=W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_5220783?a=20180702234450-6150&m=d#W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_52207832018-07-02T21:44:00ZWhere will we play?http://www.worldpuzzledays.com/HOME/index.php/;focus=W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_5220783?a=20180702230214-4943&m=d#W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_5220783We'll play like always on Facebook. Why, when we have here an own site now? I planned a WPD website to play completely outside Facebook and sent my draft to 35 professional webdesign companies. Half of them...Mon, 02 Jul 2018 21:02:00 GMThttp://www.worldpuzzledays.com/HOME/index.php/;focus=W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_5220783?a=20180702230214-4943&m=d#W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_52207832018-07-02T21:02:00ZConstructions, Constructions, Constructions!http://www.worldpuzzledays.com/HOME/index.php/;focus=W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_5220783?a=20180702222402-6375&m=d#W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_5220783Hello my dear friends of the WPD! As you can see there's finally done the start to build our website. There are many subpages still under construction. I'll try to write these pages as soon as possible, and...Mon, 02 Jul 2018 20:24:00 GMThttp://www.worldpuzzledays.com/HOME/index.php/;focus=W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_5220783?a=20180702222402-6375&m=d#W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_52207832018-07-02T20:24:00Z

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