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You want to become a sponsor with your company?
Be very welcome! We have a document to explain you the WPD and possibility to become a sponsor,
and we are looking forward to sending you more informations.
Many players would like to play with us, 
but the transfer of entry charges from far countries results complicated or impossible for them. 
You have the possibility to abolish obstacles with your company and to make many players happy.
In the name of your company!

You want to send us suggestions or was there something in the WPD you really disliked?
Send us a message and let us grow, or grumble behind our back and let us shrink.
We try our best to make the WPD perfect, but there's something necessary to see:
If there were only 10 players we couldn't make it perfect for everybody.
And as we are 300 and more players it's still more impossible to make it perfect for everybody.
This is a mission impossible. But since 2013 we always tried to make the WPD as perfect as possible,
and we always had an open ear for the player's opinions and wishes.

Any other reason why you want to contact us?
Here you are right. Please send us your message. We'll reply as soon as possible.

Many thanks!