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Frequently Asked Questions

There are always repeating questions; we'd like to reply here...

  • After my registration, what do I have to do next?

    Between your registration and the start of the WPD on December 31 you can do three things... Please make a test-upload of one photo to the album "TEST UPLOADS". You'll find the way to this album on the page "WPD 2019" by a click on the albums' icon. If this works well, you can be sure that you won't have troubles uploading photos to your personal album. Second, save your most beautiful puzzles for the time after December 31 to assemble them in the next WPD. And third, look after December 25 on the page WPD 2019 how many players we are and make a guess how many pieces will be assembled by these players. (Contact Günther!) With your guess you may win a beautiful prize.

  • I have a puzzle of 1280, 3332, 3750 (and so on) pieces. May I take this to assemble it in the WPD? 
    The rules say "All puzzles from 1000 to 6000 pieces". So not only 1000, 1500, 2000,... Of course you may play also with puzzles of unusual number of pieces. Besides this you may do also bags of XXL-puzzles. Under the condition that each bag shows an entire picture. Like in the 40320 Disney Ravensburger or some 18000 of four windows. Because such bags have around 4000 to 4500 pieces and show a complete picture. On the other hand one bag of a 13224 Clementoni that shows only a fragment of a big picture can not be played.
  • My puzzle is used. Can I play with used puzzles?
    Of course, you may play with used puzzles also. They are as welcome as new puzzles.
  • But what if there are missing pieces? Will my puzzle be counted then?
    Your puzzle will always be counted. It is not your fault, if you trust in some seller who sells you an incomplete puzzle. From 1 to 5 missing pieces we turn a blind eye. From 6 missing pieces on the pieces will be counted and deducted. So if you played a 1000 pieces puzzles of 28*36 rows, you'd have in reality 1008 pieces. In case there are 12 missing pieces, you'll get still 996 pcs on your account.
  • Do I have to play many puzzles to have a chance to win some prize?
    No and yes. "Many" is relative. For every player the word many means something different. Prizes will not be given due to high activities!! Prizes will only be given by the raffle. And to keep a chance for players who have less puzzles to play, the tickets are limited. Every player gets 1 ticket for his registration. Later every player gets from 1 to a maximum of 4 tickets after every 2000 assembled pieces. (4 x 2000 = 8000). So after 8000 assembled pieces every player has reached his maximum of 5 tickets for the raffle. If you play only 2000 pieces, you'll have 2 tickets with your name in the pot.
  • There must be such a lot of work to do behind the scenes. Can I help with something?
    We are always happy for such offers. Yes, there's indeed a lot of organizational work to do. Mainly helping hands with translations are useful. For some languages we have already long time translators. And for some languages there's a change of helpers they do not want to translate every year. (Because rules or explanations, for example, are changing every year a little bit.) If there's already a translator in your language, we can keep you on a list of future helpers. In case your countryman one day does no longer want to translate. Helping hands for translations would be great actually in the following languages: Chinese, Japanese, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Turkish and Arabic. Also the presence of the "Secret Symbol" has to be controlled. If you'd like to help checking sometimes some albums, if the symbol was used, you can get a certain number of personal albums to check. (With a trained eye this is done in a few minutes once a week.)
  • Until January 10 I'm on holidays / my boss needs me for so much work that I can't participate...
    There is no need to start playing on the first day(s) of the event. Everybody gets 60 days to play as much as he wants. Most players need a break after a while, before they continue playing. So it is on you when you make your breaks or how much you will play. Only one thing has to be mentioned here: If your participation was paid by a sponsor, and you did not start playing after 30 days, your free place will be given to somebody who really would like to play. Please don't be angry in such a case. But it is hard to find sponsors, and it should not result that sponsors pay for unused participations. When we started with entry charges, 84% of our players disappeared. Many of them due to lack of understanding. Everybody of them is really welcome to come back to us. But if there are now sponsors, their generosity should not be regarded as a matter of course. Free participations should be appreciated and used!

  • Is there any other possibility to pay entry charges? I have no paypal.
    For players of the European Union and Sepa-Zone it is possible to transfer by SEPA. This means to transfer for only a few cents of national transfer costs. Here you can see a listing of all countries and payment possibilities. In some countries we have additionally a close confidant who has paypal. In such countries you may transfer the entry charges to this person, and she or he will forward it later to the account of the WPD. Don't worry! These persons are absolutely trustworthy and accepted by the organizer. Contact us, and we'll tell you our helper in your country and his bank data. Another possibility is to pay in cash on certain puzzle events where Günther or one of the "Trustworthy Cashiers" are present. Günther use to be every year in the Turkish Puzzle Championship and the "24 Heures de Belgique".