Give piece a chance


Yes, I want such a great WPD Fan Cashback Card, please!

Final design may be different.
Only 4 Euros per card

The start of the production can be in near future as well as in 2021. It depends all to how many players are interested in owning such a card. 350 cards has to be pre-ordered to start the production.
If the interest is not high enough, we will inform you in the group of World Puzzle Days 2020 as well as here on this website that the cards unfortunately cannot be produced.
Your order below is binding,
because once we order the production we have to order all pre-ordered cards to get such a low price!

Fan Cards can be used as Cashback Cards. Just scan it with your mobile and it cooperates with your CB app. 
If cashback does still not work in your country, why don't you take one as a Fan Card?  😉
Countries where cashback already works.