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Our Sponsors
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World Puzzle Days

We are very happy and proud to may present the Cobble Hill Puzzle Company from Canada as our sponsor. Cobble Hill is very generous to us passionates of jigsaw puzzles and decides to support our activities since the WPD 2019, and invites each year 100 happy players to enjoy the World Puzzle Days without entry charges. Cobble Hill has many amazing puzzles and would like to show you their latest catalog!

Thank you so much, Cobble Hill!  Our players will always remember your generosity.
Thanks to you, also players from far countries who have no paypal can play with us!

Cashback World sponsors us from WPD 2020 on. CBW is an Austrian global player with cashback cards they are working in 50 countries worldwide connecting more than 140,000 sellers. CBW is sponsor of the Formula 1 team Red Bull (with myWorld), the Moto GP as well as most popular football clubs like AS Roma, Milano, Rapid Wien. Every card holder gets back from 1 to 5% of his shopping amount and supports by using his card the Child & Family Foundation and the Greenfinity Foundation. So we are very proud about this sponsor for our World Puzzle Days. Every player may have such a card and it works already in almost all countries our players come from. is the latest great success of Cashback World. It's a market place like amazon or AliExpress and every card holder may use the cash he got back on to buy and get once again money back, no matter if the seller sells in his country. 

Interested in supporting also World Puzzle Days' players?
Sponsors of the WPD do not only pay. Our sponsors are part of the Games!
Every sponsor has 100 single players or teams who will play later for him in a "Sponsors Ranking".
Means that all pieces assembled by your invited players during the 60 days will be added up to your account and you will be visibly part of the Games with your company (for example: "Cobble Hill's Players", "Tenyo's Champs" or "Heye's Genii", and so on) during all the running time. And of course, like we never forget our players' successes, we neither forget our sponsors' successes. The numbers of pieces assembled by your players will be also and forever in our archives' Hall of Fame, and you may return and try your luck to mark a high score with other 100 players in a future edition of WPD. Your generosity will motivate the players to push you up in the rankings.
Every puzzle manufacturer is very welcome to be by this way active part of our Games!
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