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The WPD Shopping Card?  
What can you do with it?

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For installation and use please watch the explanation below.
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Yesss! This is the latest great thing around the World Puzzle Days! Every player gets a virtual shopping card from the World Puzzle Days. No matter if you paid your entry fee by yourself or if you were invited by a sponsor. It's worth real money for you.

You mean "the WPD costs money"? No! The WPD offers you to get it back during the year dozens of times. The WPD helps to get back money. Today you can buy shoes or clothes, books, cds, medicine, a smartphone or tv... or you fill up your car. And you always get back from 1 to 5% of your money and you may use this cashback tomorrow to buy jigsaw puzzles or food. You can use your card across all sectors to get always part of your money back. No need to return to the same shop to may use your cashback! 130,000 stores worldwide in 50 countries and the cards company's own great market place to get back and use your money!

How it works and what to do first, step by step... 

  • First you need to register your card on your name... Please do this by this link
    (Choosing your country you'll change the language of the website.) From the four small          boxes mark the first three!

(Click on the photos to enlarge them!)

  • Take your smartphone and download the CB World app. It has a lot of needful information for you. How much money you got back until now, where you can use your card, and so on.

  • Start your app and log in. On the right you can see a short explanation of your app.
    Where to find your WPD shopping card and where the stores in your country.

  • By a click on the card symbol below in the middle you come to your virtual WPD Shopping Card and the QR-code.

  • After a click on the search symbol you'll see a filter symbol on top on the right.
    Click on the filter symbol and you'll see this page:  >>>>>

    By choosing your country it shows you all stores in your country you can use your shopping card. Later you could set filters to show you only stores in your surroundings or only online stores, etcétera...

  • There are 4 different kind of stores how you can use your card...
  1. "Pay by money Stores" in your city...
  2. Voucher Stores
  3. Online Stores
  4. - Like Amazon or AliExpress, but from our card company. Everything offered there you'll be able to buy worldwide, using your cashback credit. (Attention: myWorld was opened in August 2019 and is still not available in all 50 countries. Country by country it will be opened all around the world during the next months. Please be patient.)

    Enlarge the photo on the right to see the different symbols of these kind of stores!
    There you can see also how many % of your purchase the card brings you back.

1. At an usual store where you can pay by your money you should tell first the cashier that you have a CashBack World card. Show him your virtual shopping card in your app and he should scan it. Then you pay like always. After your purchase you'll have money on your virtual card. From 1-5% of your purchase. It depends to the store.

2. At the "Voucher Stores" you have to buy first a voucher of this store. For example, a book store gives you 5% back, but only by vouchers. So you choose the store, click on the symbol of the voucher and buy the vouchers you need. You should pay 42,- euros? Then buy 4 x 10,- euros vouchers or 1 voucher of 50,- euros. The cashier scans later your vouchers and asks you for the restant 2 euros. You'll get back 5% of the 40 euros. If you buy sometimes in the same store you can take also a 50,- euros voucher. But note that you won't get 8 euros back! They will be saved on your voucher until your next purchase there.

3. Visit the "Online Stores" only by your app or the CashBack World website. Only then you'll be linked and the system knows that you want money back. After paying online your money should be back on your card.

4. You will be informed here and in the WPD group as soon as the new "myWorld" is open also in your country.

Not all stores give only between 1 and 5%. Some give even 20% for computer programs or a certain amount for your first purchase in their store. Check the possibilities in your country and enjoy!

Your VISA or Mastercard costs you more to load money to your CB World ID than you would get back from your purchases? No problem! (I had the same problem.) You need a credit card completely free of costs.
Take this one and you'll enjoy all benefits of your WPD Shopping Card!

Have a lot of fun with your new

World Puzzle Days Shopping Card!

Countries where your WPD CashBack Shopping Card is already working...
(In countries written in blue letters the market place is already open!)








Czech Republic  



Saudi Arabia











New Zealand














(Russia from 2020 on!)












Hong Kong




More countries are coming up!