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Some Words about our Cashback Cards and the Sponsor CB-W

I would like to tell you here some really sincere words about our sponsor Cashback World.
Because I feel a big uncertainty and doubts between the players of WPD. But this is completely unnecessary. 


And what I tell you here, I tell you as your friend Günther!

If we want CB-W as a sponsor and 100 free places also in future, we have to talk about this unknown company.


The founder of Cashback World (Lyoness) is a countryman of mine and started with his idea to unite all shops around the world in the year 2003 here in Austria. First he was a target of ridicule with his idea and a hand full of united shops. But the more shops, stores, companies he united, the more opponents he had. Until today he united more than 140,000 stores and companies in 50 countries!! Usually you get shopping cards from a supermarket and when you use it, you get "points" from them. With 25 points you can take some nice things in the shop. And so on. He had another vision. He wanted to offer you to do not get points but a part of your money back. Money you can use later in all other united stores or wish to get it transferred back to your banks account. However.

With this idea he got not only friends, he got also enemies. And many are copying his idea already.

You can read many articles and opinions of bad energy and bad influence about facebook (just a place for people who do not know what to do with their real life), Amazon (kills all stores in the cities), Red Bull (makes you impotent or even you could die), Whatsapp and Alexa (spies in your messages and habit of purchases) and many more. And so you can read also bad opinions about Cashback World. But we all know thanks to the World Puzzle Days that Facebook is not a place for people without any sense for their real life. Especially we from our fantastic puzzle community know that facebook can be also the heaven. Without facebook no World Puzzle Days! And we all see our puzzles on Amazon for lowest prices and they even ship to our home for free while other have higher prices and some extra money for shipping. People around the world are drinking Red Bull, since many years also mixed with alcohol, and nobody died until now due to Red Bull. We all use Whatsapp and enjoy that service of instant communication. Something we could only dream about in the past century. All these negative opinions are from internet users with a personal problem about facebook, energy drinks, cheaper stores than their own, persecution mania ("Whatsapp and Alexa are spying you..."), and also the bad opinions about our Cashback Cards' company come from a certain community disliking "Cashback World".

But if you feel uncertainty and doubts, thanks to Mr. Google, you should read the following information.

There are two ways how you can be affected by Cashback World.
I recommend you here only the left way!!

Cashback Card Holder

°  The card is absolutely for free, without any costs.
°  You get on every purchase between 1-5% of your money back. In some stores even much more.
°  You can have only an advantage for your wallet, because you always get money, but you never have to give money. How much, depends on how often you use it.
°  Absolutely free of any risk.


°  A marketer is an independent person who can give you Cashback Cards and while you get 5% of your money back, he gets also 1%.
°  A marketer has to pay a minimum of 99,- Euros/month for this self-employment. (This may vary from country to country.)
°  A marketer earns more money, if he brings new marketer.
°  A marketer has the risk to pay more money monthly than he gets back by his success.

If you read negative articles about Cashback World, they come always from ex-marketers, they had no success, have lost money and want to warn the entire world about "that unserious system". There is no unserious system at all. They only failed on their attempt in self-employment and at the end always other people are to blame on their lost money. I want to say here, I am a marketer since last year July. But you will never hear from me on this website or in our group, "give yourself a chance to change your life into a much better one, earning a lot of money!" Of course, if you want to go my way, feel free to contact me, and I have videos in many different languages to explain you the possibilities of earning money in that company. But I said since the very first day, I will never try to get marketers between my WPD players. I will not destroy the World Puzzle Days with my own confidence in this company. If I search marketers, I prefer to do this outside my puzzle community, and I told this also so to the cards company. Years ago the cards company had troubles in Norway and Italy, because the system of Network Marketing, which is still very new in Europe, has been controversial for some countries. An Italian player who got a free participation refused his free place and told me he would prefer to pay by himself. Well, this was his personal decision. For sure he was negative influenced by Mr. Google and Italian newspapers. But you should know, the cards company adjusted their policy to Italian and Norwegian laws and is again allowed and welcome in both countries. Italy is even one of the most successful countries of all 50 countries where you can use these cards! When we ask Mr. Google, we should never forget that negative articles and opinions of ex-marketers (who in most cases got all their lost money back!) will never be deleted. A big negative side of our beloved internet.  

But... I saw since the very first day the other great side of this company and their cards. When I started in 2016 with entry fees for the WPD I heard from dozens sides I would only want money from my players. The first generation of WPD players did not understand that here is somebody, working for them during 60 long days almost day and night, and has no longer time to work in a company to earn monthly money. Something that everybody of us needs for life. From 748 players in the WPD 2016 disappeared 625 from one event to another...
The current generation of WPD players has a completely different understanding that there is a lot of work and that 12 euros for all this work in reality is nothing. On the other side, I always try to find sponsors who invite you to participate for free. Cashback World is such a sponsor. At least for the WPD 2020. The company said last year to me, "let's give it a try and see how many players will use then our cards!" (Of course, in our life always one hand is washing the other.) I was so very fascinated about the idea to show you that I do not want your money. On the contrary, I would like to offer you to get back your entry fee, one or even dozens of times, that I wanted such a card for all my dear players and friends...

And so I decided to become a marketer. Of course I could give you also cards without being a marketer. But I used this situation to start a new career in this company. And when I say "new career" I do not talk about this 1% I get for every use of our cards. Because this is really peanuts. You can believe me. To show you, that you do not make me rich at all, when you buy somewhere something, I give you here a screenshot...

 Important!!! I can not see what you bought, also not where you bought something!!!

But as a marketer I get the information that somebody of my friends used his card and that I get a few cents for this. And we talk really only about cents, as you can see in the screenshot above. I told you that a marketer has to pay 99 euros monthly as a minimum. I pay 198 (2 x 99) euro every month. Here you can see:

99 euros are for getting that 1% (while you get up to 5%!) and the other 99 euros are for a profit sharing. Cashback World is the sponsor -for example- of the Formula 1, Moto GP and many well known football clubs like AS Roma as well as icehockey clubs. And everytime somebody buys a scarf, a t-shirt or a dress of AS Roma, Inter Milan, or a jacket of the Red Bull Racing Team or Ferrari, etcétera, I get also a little little little bit of these profits. After 4 years... And this for I need a lot of confidence paying every month and four years long 198 euro. People who lose the confidence on their way, or people who can no longer pay that sum, lose all the money they have paid until past month. And these are the guys talking bad about the company in the internet. But this tells nothing about the truth. In reality they failed on their way. Every self-employed person has a certain risk with his job.

But I showed you this photo to present you that you will never make me rich if you use your card and pay money. 😃 No! Marta Garcia (in the photo above!) bought something. What and where she bought will always stay her secret! She got money back, thanks to her Cashback Card. (And she always gets more than I get! If she gets back 5 euro, I get 1 euro. But I do not get this money from Marta!! I get this from the company, for my time explaining to Marta the card's benefits, how to use it, how to handle the app, and all around these topics. Often I explain 1 hour and more to one new card holder. So what are 44 cents for 1 hour? Nothing! And if I say I pay 99 euros every month for the possibility to give you all these cards, you can calculate by your own that I would need 225(!) card holders using their card like Marta. And this every month! And then I earned still zero. (Nothing!) 😁 I only got back my invested money. Nothing else! And this was much more than I got due to a purchase from Maria José Jubini, when I got only 12 cents, as you can see in the screenshot. Imagine how many friends need to buy something, until I get back the 99 invested euro, getting every time only 12 cents... 825 friends would need to use their cards, that I get only back my money, without having earned any single cent! And 1650 persons have to use their cards, if I want to get back all my 198 euro. Absolutely utopian! So if you thought I would get rich if you buy something using your card, forget it! My hope is the profit sharing of the Formula 1 and Football fan-clubs I will get in four years. The peanuts I get for the use of our cards are less than 5 euros every month and if I pay 99 euro I have every month a loss of 95 euros. I tell you this with all my sincerity, in the hope you lose your doubts and uncertainty. The one who gets much more is you. Not me. As I already said, while you get 5 euro, I get a maximum of 1 euro. The most important thing is that you get always, and you do not have any risk, you have always and only benefits. The more you use your card, the more cashback you get during a year. I have already got back more than 200 euro since July. So I can say, 350 euros cashback in one year is absolutely realistic and without any risk for you.

When I talked with our sponsor I told them I would know more than 1000 puzzle players, and I would like such cards for all of them. To show you that I did never want money from you. On the contrary, that I would like that you have more money to buy new puzzles for you. So that you can save money on every purchase and use it for your passion. I thought everybody would be happy and want such a card. But the reality was something disappointing... After half a year there were totally 29 players of the WPD taking one of our cards. And only 7(!) of them used it later. 😁 Seven, and not 1650. 😅

Of course the cards company would like to get more and more users of their cards. This is completely understandable, as they also get money from the stores where you buy. Thanks to their card you use in the stores to get money back. The more card holders, the more stores want to be united in this worldwide shopping community. Because they have also a big advantage, if you see in your app on the phone that in their store you get money back. And if you go to them, and not to the competitors on the other side of the road. So when Cashback World paid 1500,- Euro last year to me, for the entry fee of 100 single players and teams, I sowed the hope and expectations to get at least as many new card holders as I will have players in the WPD 2020. In our case 357 players = card holders. The reality says currently "29 of these 357 took such a card and only 7 of them used it also". 😅

Why do I tell you all this?

First because I always want to be sincere to you and my friends. Perhaps you feel something upset now, with the thought that I would get money while you have to pay money. But this is not true! You should see it different! Both of us get money. You get five times more than I get. And my part, I get because I "worked" and explained you everything. And thanks to me you get always up to 5%. So it is nothing bad at all, if I also get 1%. And I do not get this 1% from you, I get it like you too, from the company! - If you buy a car in the city and you pay, don't believe that the seller who recommended you this Mercedes Benz or BMW, recommended it only because he is Christian and could no longer see you walking. He gets also his percentage for his explanations and recommendations. That's life! And if you buy bread and milk in the supermarket, the employees also get a sallary from their boss, thanks to your money of daily purchases there. So forget that thought that somebody else would get money while you pay. You should never buy something that was not planned to buy! But if you need something anyway, you better use your card to get money back. If you don't use it, you let your 5% in the seller's wallet. Better it's in yours!

And the other point why I explain you all this, is that we all in the World Puzzle Days would be happy if we had this sponsor also in 2021. But on my latest meeting with the sponsor I saw them pretty pensive, watching the 29 card holders, and remembering when I told them about "more than 1000 puzzle players". 😁

The WPD would need at least 200 to 300 card holders and users to be again interesting for Cashback World!

So if you want that this sponsor renews their sponsorship for 2021, to get again 100 free participations for you, I sincerely recommend you to throw away your doubts and uncertainty, and to see that you only have benefits by this card. And even if you use it only a few times and you get only 20 dollars back in one year, this is 20 dollars more than you would have without this card! So you can only win. -- In March I will have our next meeting for the sponsorship for 2021. They will watch how many card holders I brought. The 357 still seems to be utopian. 😁😁
But 200 should really be possible, if you really want to keep the possibility alive, that they renew the sponsorship. Besides this you can also give a card to your mother, father, brother, sister or friend, who would also be happy to get back some percent of his purchases. You do not cause expenses for them, as the card is completely free of charges! (I saw that the 7 players used their card extremely cautious, buying something for 10 or 15 euros... You can not await that you get a lot of money back, if you buy something for 10 euros. 2% from 10 euros are 20 cents. So don't be disappointed if you get only 20 cents. It is very different, if you use your card, when you buy your new iPhone or computer, television or laundry dryer, furnitures or you pay a flight or a hotel by this card. And we all have sometimes a defect machine, television or computer at home. You can even use it at, etcétera. There are 140,000 stores worldwide (number is raising permanently) and the possibilities are very numerous in every country. In Brazil you can even buy on amazon with this card, in Italy you can use it in the supermarket, and so on. What a great thing! We all let between 1000 and 2000 euro/dollar a year in our supermarkets for bread, milk, food and everything else there. 2% of 2000,- are 40 euro only in this store! It's up to us, if and how much we use our cards. And the Cashback Cards company does not know who is a player of the World Puzzle Days, and who is a friend or sister of you. This is not interesting for them.

I have a link. This one:
Closer explanations about the use of card and app on your mobile you find here.

And everybody of you and your family or friends may use this link. In this link is a code showing to the company that every new card holder who registers through this link, comes thanks to the World Puzzle Days! With every person you give such a card, you help that the WPD possibly has also in 2021 a second sponsor. (This is no promise! But we all try our best to get a renewal of sponsorship, if we recommend our cards!) If you have 10 friends or co-workers who want such a card, give this link to all 10 or 20 of your friends! You can give it even to 100 friends. If you are a member off a savings club, tell your friends there, they can save extra money with this link and card! They all will help that we have another sponsorship. And in best case for yourself, you also use your card. Don't forget, this card is not to spend more money than planned, it is to get back money we anyway have to give away. But only to have 200 or more new card holders looks already great for the sponsor. You can use this link now and from March on I have plenty of time to explain to each one how to use it. There are no costs for you, and no risk. Only money back. And the sooner and the more card holders we have, the better our chance to get once again 100 free participations, when I meet them in March.
(And don't forget that after many hundreds of purchases I only got back my monthly invested money, and I have not earned any single cent at this moment! You will never make me rich using your card. 😉 You can only help to get my money back, and still more important for all of us, to keep our sponsor in the WPD.)

Thank you for reading so much, and I hope you understand everything and my sincerity and transparence, trying to show you that I have no hidden personal motives when I recommend you these really great cards.

Your friend and organizer of the WPD,