Rankings after week 6

Welcome to our Rankings summary of the World Puzzle Days 2019.

323 players of 36 countries are playing in the WPD 2019. 278 of these 323 were already active in the first six weeks and showed us 2,459 puzzles of 2,864,979 pieces.

Let's start with the
Countries Ranking

The table is almost unchanged since last week. Germany, Austria, New Zealand and UK are 1 place better than last week. And Australia from 0 to 33 now also in. All 35 active countries and their activities you can see below in the table.

And here are our
30 Most active cities

The Top 10 puzzle cities are also almost the same like last week. On place 9 are now our friends from Barranquilla, Colombia, who changed places with our friends from Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

The entire list of cities you may watch by a click on the following button.

Our Fun-Groups Ranking are leading our friends from Russia who play for their sponsor 1001 Puzzles.com, a Russian puzzle store who donated also 5 puzzles for the raffle of the WPD.
Puzzles Mexico and VIPs Brazil changed places 5 and 6. Puzzleros España raised from 15 to place 14.


Single Players

Emma González from Mexico leads this table like last year. On the places 2-5 are Olena Fisenko (Ukraine), Ekaterina Pronina (Russia), Justyna Sokołowska (Poland) and Elena González (Spain).
Ekaterina and Justyna raised by 1 place.
Places 5 to 10... Sveta like last week on #6, Irene from 9 to 7, Annette from 11 to 8, Julie from 10 to 9 and Iwona completes the Top 10 players.

In the following picture you can see the current Top 30 Single Players after 5 weeks.


And to watch the entire table of all players please press the following button:

In the right column you see if you have reached a personal record for you or your team. Or how many pieces are still to assemble if you'd like to reach this. Pieces of teams are per player, because some teams consists of three and some of two players.

131 Players and Teams have already marked a new personal record this year.

The Teams Ranking leads the Team S&D from Andorra. On the places 2-5 Puzzle Locura (Andorra), Jubini's Team (Brazil), Back in Black (Netherlands) and Puzzle ES from Turkey.


You in your Country

All players may play also in national tables.

Please Note! Teams play in the same tables with Individual Players. So numbers of pieces of teams are divided by their number of players! Because a team of 2 players can master more than a lonesome playing individual player.  Here all countries from A - Z:

If you want to know where you would be counted with all your pieces since the WPD 2013 in your country, please click here.

countries triple ranking:

In the left table (Most Pieces in 1 Edition) 3 more countries have marked a new Countries Record during the past week. Colombia, Andorra and Greece! Congratulations! Make the best of it! You have still until March 1 to raise it.

In the middle table the red fields mark countries they have their highest number of players in the current WPD. Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Sweden, UK, USA and Vietnam have a new record of "Number of Players" for their country.

And in the right table all pieces since the WPD 2013 are added up to each country's account. Italy passed during the past week Argentina and is now #11. Netherlands (31) passed Malaysia, Ireland (33) passed Croatia, and Czech Republic (41) passed Costa Rica. Our Top 10 puzzle Countries since the WPD 2013 are 1. Turkey, 2. Russia, 3. Taiwan, 4. Poland, 5. Spain, 6. USA, 7. Brazil, 8. Germany, 9. Mexico and 10. Ukraine. - CONGRATULATIONS to all!


That's it for this week.
We hope you like the rankings. Next rankings, next Monday afternoon.