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Rankings Menu!

Puzzle players can be divided in two groups:

  1. Players who love to relax while assembling a puzzle.
  2. Players who love to look how quick they can assemble a puzzle.

Group #1 only wants to relax while doing their puzzles and feels stress while watching rankings and comparisons.
Group #2
also loves to look how many puzzles and pieces they can assemble during the 60 days of WPD. They also love to compare a bit with other players.

Both are great puzzle players and both are very welcome to the WPD.
Prizes won't be given to the most active players, but raffled between all.
We try our best to separate informations of both groups.

This website was created with three menus for the WPD 2020.

  • WPD 2020 leads you to everything you need to play the WPD. (The menu for relaxing players.)
  • RANKINGS 2020 is only for the second group. If you are a puzzle player who loves to relax and who loses his fun while watching rankings, you should avoid this menu! If you love rankings, then this is your menu to enjoy the World Puzzle Days by a maximum of comparisons.
  • 2013-2020 is similar to RANKINGS 2020, only with datas of all events since 2013. Besides this there you can find also your personal record. Avoid this menu also, if you're a relaxing player!

So what can you find by this Menu?

  • "Players" show you your place in a long list of hundreds of puzzle players from the whole wide world, according to your activity. With every puzzle you assemble you climb up this list a bit more. If only the other players stood still... You may compare yourself here with all other players. You don't have to be the "best". You may also try to stay under the first 100 or in the first third of the ranking, for example. Rankings motivate to make a little bit more than planned.
  • "You in your Country" shows you the same, but only in a much shorter list of your country. On which place am I with the number of pieces I've assembled until now?
  • "Countries" shows all countries playing in the current WPD. On which place is my country with all pieces me and my countrymen have assembled until now?
  • "Cities" is the same like "Countries", only comparing all cities playing in the WPD. Players of St. Petersburg play against players of Moscow, São Paulo, Mexico City, and so on.
  • "Fun-Groups" shows you a ranking of all fun-groups playing in the current event. You and your friend can play together. No matter if they live in the same country or city like you. On which place are the fun-groups I'm playing for, with the number of pieces we've assembled until now?