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 Final Rankings
of the
World Puzzle Days 2020
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Most interesting part for all players interested in rankings is "where have I been with all my assembled pieces, in
comparison to all other players worldwide or nationwide? Who has assembled most pieces?"
Well, and here I can show you our Top 50 puzzle players of the World Puzzle Days 2020.

If you are not under these first 50 players, you can see here the entire table.
In the right column you see if you have beaten yourself and reached a new Personal Record.

179 players and teams reached such a Personal Record.
Congratulations to each one!

If you haven't reached such a Personal Record, perhaps because you played
already last time so very good that you found the real challenge in yourself. 😉


And here are all our 30 teams of the WPD 2020 sorted by their activity.

You in your Country
If you want to see your position in a ranking only with your countrymen, please click on the button OPEN,
and choose your flag. Left button is for WPD 2020, right button for all WPD since 2013 added up.

We played in 40 countries
from A like Andorra until V like Vietnam around our beautiful planet Earth. 
And here you can see 
in which countries have been assembled most pieces.

Our friends in Russia assembled 865,833 pieces and were #1.
Behind them on place 2 were our friends of the USA assembling 608,307 pieces. The Top 5 countries completed our friends in Poland (324,266), Spain (320,399) and Turkey (302,947).

In the photo on the right you can see also your country and its position worldwide.

A big BRAVO! to all players of all countries.
Each one of us played great.

And we played in 214 cities all around the World,
from A like Aberdeen (UK) until Z like Zülpich in Germany. 😀

Our friends in Moscow have been our most busy players and assembled 238,397 pieces. Close behind on the podium our friends from Istanbul (222,785) and Saint Petersburg with 220,766 pieces.

Our friends playing in Liege (179,860) and Buenos Aires (142,580) completed the Top 5 puzzle cities of the
World Puzzle Days 2020.

The entire table with all 214 cities you can see here.

Many players decided to dedicate their assembled puzzle pieces to 1-4 Fun groups. Pieces of these players have been added up to the accounts of these Fun Groups.

Most active Fun Group has been Puzzling Together, created by Julie Smith in the USA, with 1,164,942 pieces. WOW! 😮
Our friends playing for Lubov Prilezhaeva's (Russia) group 1001 Puzzle had no chance to repeat their first place from last year, and ended on place 2 with still fantastic 853,312.

Also on the podium mastered to be our friends playing for VIPs Brazil, a group created by Carina Verna in Brazil, with still amazing 262,650 pieces.

The Top 5 Fun Groups completed Puzzles Mexico (208,718) and for the fifth place we saw a very close fight between Dutch Power (166,158) and Rompecabezas México (166.032). Perhaps our friends from Mexico should change their strategie next year, and play better for one and the same mexican group? 😉

Many players asked to see this table
sorted by Pieces per Player,
due to a very high difference of numbers of players
 between the groups.

And here it is!
Our Fun Group with "Most Pieces per Player" was
Dutch Power, created by Erica Duijker (Netherlands) with 83,079 pieces. On second place Rompecabezas México, created by Emma González, with 55,344 pieces and 1001 Puzzle with 40,633.

Puzzle Locura (Meri Quintana, Andorra) and Puzzles Mexico completed the Top 5 Fun Groups.

 Our sponsors are also participating. All their invited players play together for a good place for their sponsor in our
Sponsor's Ranking

 The 100 players invited by Cashback World marked this year a new record of 100 invited players.
Considering that we had this year an "Average Number of Pieces" of 15,291, 
there will be space above this current record. Congratulations to all 200 players of both sponsors!

Our Most Popular Brands in the WPD
As every player may choose his own puzzle and favorite brand we are always curious
which brands are the most prefered brands in the World Puzzle Days...
And these are our Top 50 manufacturers of the WPD 2020 as well as after 8 years of WPD.


Our Most Popular Brands of the WPD 2020 have been commented already in the Final Stats. On the right side you can see a table with our Top 50 manufacturers after all WPD editions since 2013. Our Top 5 are Ravensburger, Castorland, Educa, Heye and Clementoni, and this year's results were only a little bit different between places 4 and 5. We have seen since the WPD 2013 a total of 21,089,992 puzzle pieces on 17,162 puzzles of 496 brands.

Since 2018 we have a players level system of totally 16 levels. Here you can see our players of level 5-15 (on the left) and level 4 on the right. Our busy bee Emma González from Mexico missed the highest possible level by only 1,704 pieces and ended on level 15. BRAVO Emma!

Levels of our Teams.

See all players and teams by a click here!

Our 16 Players Levels

From WPD 2021 on is planned to continue by a new levels system, taking the player's average pieces per WPD into consideration, instead of the total number of assembled pieces. By this way new players can reach the same level as players who started already 6 years ago. New players will get always Level 1 in their first year. Calculation will start only in their second participation, to avoid never repeating One Hit Wonders on high levels.

 Countrie's Records

All player's pieces from one and the same country are added up to their countrie's account. So every country has also an own Country Record of most pieces in 1 edition. Following you can see all countrie's records after and before the World Puzzle Days 2020, to have a better comparison about the change during the past WPD.

(Note: The "New Records" on the right photo are no new records! These were new records before WPD 2020.)
For example, the USA has a new record in WPD 2020 (left photo!) and raised from place 6 (right photo) to place 4 (left photo). Other countries with new Country Records are all marked in the left photo.

After WPD 2020

Before start of WPD 2020

 Countrie's  Activity Rankings since 2013

You would like to know how many pieces have been assembled in your country since WPD 2013?
I give you also here two photos (After & Before) to have a better comparison about the change during WPD 2020.
So the USA raisef from place 6 (right photo) to 3 (left photo), what you can see also on the green arrow and the "3" right beside in the left photo. Poland passed Taiwan, but was passed by the USA. So they stayed on the same position 4, and so on. On the left photo you see the current standing.

And here you can see, of how many players consisted
the biggest field of players in your country,
in which year this happened
and how many pieces they reached to assemble.

Our friends in Turkey had the biggest field of players in WPD 2016.
139 players assembled 624,198 pieces.
Russia had the biggest field of players also in WPD 2016.
108 players assembled 940,724 pieces.
Taiwan and Poland had both 71 players in WPD 2016.
Taiwan players reached 612,622 while Polish friends assembled 567,867.

This table is sorted by Players!
Countries with "New Record!" had their biggest field in WPD 2020.

Personal Records

Every player can mark a Personal Record of pieces he mastered to assemble in 60 days.
Following you see our Top 50 records of Single Players. Over white background, records mastered in WPD 2020.

Single Players


The entire table you can see here.

Most Participations & Highest Average Number of Pieces

Would you like to know which players are longest time playing in the WPD?


On the left our Single Players.
Players with 8 participations have played in all editions since 2013. Players and Teams of the same number of participations are sorted by their average number of pieces.

Below our Teams

Who has assembled the highest number of pieces in your country?
Who is the player with the highest number of participations in your country, and what is his average number?
For example: In the USA the record holder is Julie Smith with 74,273 pcs. and Julieta Acosta is the one with most participations and highest average number of pieces in the USA, between all players of the same number of participations. Below you can see this from all countries and also yours.

Players with biggest Puzzles

Players who love bigger puzzles of course have a burden if they would like to see themself on first places of rankings. But not in the following ranking. Following you see who plays our biggest puzzles. The numbers are average numbers of all your puzzles.

In these tables are also players who did not play in the WPD 2020. Your pieces and numbers will never deleted, although you make once a break of one or two years.

Justyna Cees from Poland is our crack players with 12 puzzles and an average number of 4,166 pcs per puzzle.

A table dedicated to our experts of big puzzles.

Below our Teams.

Thanks to everyone for participating in the World Puzzle Days 2020!
Registration form for WPD 2021 will be open from March 28 on, and you can find it here.
The first 100 players will be invited again by our sponsor Cobble Hill.

WPD 2020, this website and 100 players have been...