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Fun-Groups and Teams are not the same. A team you can build with your child, partner or a friend. In a team you work together on the same puzzle. But in fun-groups single players as well as teams can add up their numbers of pieces to 1 account and play against other fun-groups. 

Below you can see all existing fun-groups. If you want to play in Fun-Groups Rankings please make your choice and tell Günther for which groups you'd like to play. Of course you may create also a new fun-group. Your friends can choose later your group. To create a group, tell its name also to Günther.






Fernando Iglesias

Puzzlemaníacos Brasil


Ángel Heras Salcedo


Sonia Santor

ARCA Colombia

Ronny Angulo

Cat Owners

Puzzleros Andorra

Meri Quintana

Clube dos Quebra-Cabeças

Anna Caletti

Puzzleros Argentinos

Dog & Cat Owners

Puzzleros Bolivia

Paola Andrea Mercado Salas

Give Piece a Chance!

Günther Simetsberger

Puzzleros Brasil

Pola Melo

Haydi Puzzle Yapmaya!!!

Puzzleros España

Pilar Varela

Jigsaw Junkies

Puzzleros Venezuela

Raquel Beuses

Jigsaw Puzzle Connections

Puzzles México

La Bandita Puzzles

Natalia Vanina Marchak

Puzzles y Piezas España

Le Rendez-Vous de Roye

Fabien Reuter

Running Puzzlefreaks

Puzzle A-B-C


Marlène Bastien

Puzzle Art

Taiwan Puzzle Players

Puzzle Forum Italia

La Pieza que faltaba

Elena González

Puzzle Forum Poland

Marcin S. Puzzler

Türk Puzzle Atölye

Nalan Müratbay

Puzzle Locura

Meri Quintana

Türk Puzzle Gücü

Puzzle Lobers by L. Figueiredo


Carina Verna

Puzzle Severler

We are puzzled!


Puzzles tú me completas

Penelopé Gil Pérez

Puzzleando España

Puzzling Together

Julie Smith

Puzzlefreunde Germany

1001 Puzzle

Lubov Prilezhaeva


Martina Zeller

Puzzlemanía España

Puzzlemaníacos Argentina