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Weekly Rankings 

of the
World Puzzle Days 2020

...1st Rankings coming on January 6... 

Final Rankings
of the
World Puzzle Days 2019

299 players of 36 countries were rocking the WPD 2019 and played 3,620 puzzles of 4,269,956 pcs.

Which countries were most active?
Countries Ranking

Our RUSSIAN friends have assembled exactly 834,085 pieces and were so presenting the most active country of the WPD 2019. On places 2-5 are the USA, SPAIN, TURKEY and POLAND.
Argentina jumped during the last week quickly from #13 to 10 and completes the Top 10 countries.
There were some countries with only a few players, but playing really great.

And here are our
30 Most active cities

Istanbul is our puzzle city #1 of the WPD 2019. On the places 2-5 are León (Spain), St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Moscow (all Russia). Also here Buenos Aires (Argentina) woke up very late and jumped during the last week from #12 to 8. But big Buenos Aires had no chance against the puzzle-village San Nicolás de los Garza. ...hometown from a player called Emma. Also great puzzle cities were Taipei (6), Kharkov (Ukr, 9) and Barranquilla, (Col) completing the Top 10 puzzle cities.

To watch the entire table of all 200 cities please press the button.

Fun-Groups Ranking won also our friends from Russia who play for their sponsor 1001, a Russian puzzle store who donated also 5 puzzles for the raffle of the WPD.

And here are all Fun Groups and their numbers of puzzles and pieces.
Russian players assembled incredible 903,547 pieces. Congratulations! Come next year with some more players and your goal of 1,000,000 is absolutely realizeable.


Single Players

Emma González from Mexico has won this table like in 2018. Congratulations, Emma!
On the places 2-10 are Olena Fisenko (Ukraine), Sveta Seregina (Russia),
 Irene Fernández Gago (Spain), Elena González (Spain), Justyna Sokołowska (Poland), Ekaterina Pronina (Russia). 
Annette Goldau (Germany), Julie Smith (USA) and Iris Lin (Taiwan).
In the following picture you can see the Top 50 Single Players.
Congratulations to all! Also to the players they are not on this photo.

To watch the entire table of all players please press the following button:

In the right column you see if you have reached a personal record for you or your team. Or how many pieces are still to assemble if you'd like to reach this. Pieces of teams are per player, because some teams consists of three and some of two players.

The Teams Ranking has won the Team S&D from Andorra. On the places 2-5 Puzzle Locura (Andorra), Jubini's Team (Brazil), Puzzle ES (Turkey) and Team MitiIu (Spain).

176 Players and Teams have marked a new personal record this year!
Let's have a look at our
Player's Levels

Our dear Emma is stucked in the Metamorphosis until WPD 2020. With breath taking 262,614 pcs. Olena Fisenko is playing on Cloud 9 and the next three, Dilek Gönül, Zibeth Wang and Julie Smith, all "Living Legends" complete the Top 5 players in the All Time Pieces Ranking. This table is a great opportunity to set a personal goal for the next WPD.  To see all player's (and your) current Player's Level please click on the following button:

Below you can see the Team's Levels.

Every year some players either disappear from the World Puzzle Days community or make a break. So the hard core of players playing in all WPD since the beginning is melting and melting every year. This is the hard core of meanwhile only 13 players "surviving" from the WPD 2013.

Many, many thanks for all these player's loyalty. Of course many other players would be as loyalty as these 13. They only found us after the WPD 2013. It is planned to expand the tables by 1 for loyalty. Players who participated at least three times may be in the same table with players who participated since 2013. If you participated for the first time in 2015 and played later every year you'll be at 100% and so as loyal as somebody who participated since 2013 without a break. ...In WPD 2020.


Player by Sizes
Who of us is the player with permanently big puzzles?

In this table our friend Soraya Pérez Carayol is #1 with 4032 pcs on each one of her puzzles (since WPD 2013!) Justyna is also an average 4000 puzzler. 6 Polish players under the first 15! 
Congrats to all our Big Puzzles Puzzler!
And here our teams by the sizes of their puzzles...
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You in your Country

All players may play also in national tables.

Please Note! Teams play in the same tables with Individual Players. So numbers of pieces of teams are divided by their number of players! Because a team of 2 players can master more than a lonesome playing individual player. 
Here all countries from A - Z:

If you want to know where you would be counted with all your pieces since the WPD 2013 in your country, please click here.

countries triple ranking:

12 countries marked a new Country Record in the WPD 2019!

These are the USA, Colombia, Belgium, Andorra, New Zealand, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Sweden, Chile and Greece! Congratulations!


In the middle table the red fields mark countries they have their highest number of players in the current WPD. Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Sweden, UK, USA and Vietnam have a new record of "Number of Players" for their country.

And in the right table all pieces since the WPD 2013 are added up to each country's account. Russia is back on top of the list, our old and new #1. Our Top 10 puzzle Countries since the WPD 2013 are 1. Russia, 2. Turkey, 3. Taiwan, 4. Poland, 5. Spain, 6. USA, 7. Brazil, 8. Mexico, 9. Germany and 10. Ukraine. - CONGRATULATIONS to all! (Germany and Mexico changed their places in the last week of the event.) Most places have won New Zealand (15), Czech Republic and Sweden (both 14).

That's it. Next changes only in the WPD 2020 from January 2020 on. The Summer Games 2019 will not count on our stats or rankings of the WPD 2019!