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 Weekly Rankings

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World Puzzle Days 2020

Rankings After 3 Weeks


If you love Rankings, here they are...

Ranking fans want to know first of all "on which place am I, with all the pieces I have assembled until now?"
Well, I can show you here our Top 30. One of WPD's phenomenons is always the diversity of countries between the Top 10 players. The currently 10 most active players are playing in 9 different countries.
Our most active player is currently Erica Duijker from the Netherlands. She played in 20 days 49 puzzles! 😱
On the places 2-5 behind are our players:
Emma González (Mexico), Ekaterina Pronina (Russia), Julie Smith (USA) and Daniela Dinato (Brazil).
To watch the entire table please click here. On the right side you have a "search window" to find yourself.

This week I show you only the players they reached already a Personal Record. (Places in the left column are not their places in the ranking!) 
Our newcomer Erica is already climbing the table of "Personal Records", being currently on place 14. And Derek Pickles on place 115 between 1154 players who ever played the WPD since 2013.
This table shows the highest activity of every player since the WPD 2013.
To watch the entire table please click here. On the right side you have a "search window" to find yourself.
Personal Records reached in the current event are marked with a white background on the year!

Also our teams are already very active. 😄 
Our most active team until now is playing in Spain. It's the 2 women mother and daughter team "Madre e Hija".
Why is this table sorted by "Pieces per Player"? Well, to compare a 3 players team with a 2 players team would be something unfair for smaller teams. So we calculate total pieces divided by each team's number of players. 

And here are our Team's with new Records in the WPD 2020.
"Madre e Hija" and the Belgian "Team 3" from the airline ASL are already climbing the table on places 4 and 16...
To watch the entire table please click here. On top you have a "search window" to find yourself.

You want to know on which place you are in your country, with all the pieces you have assembled until now?
This would take dozens of screenshots here to show. But you can check all countrie's by yourself easily.
Click here and then on your flag to see a table only with your countrymen in current event WPD 2020.
Click here and then on your flag to see a table with your countrymen and all assembled pieces since WPD 2013.
(Picture shows the current stand in Russia. To see your country's table please follow the link above.)
Also in these tables team's pieces are divided by their number of players. 3 players are able to do more than 1!

If you decided to dedicate your assembled pieces to Fun Groups, you can see here the activity of all Fun Groups.
"Puzzling Together" has 51,000 pieces more on their account than 1001 Puzzle.
On place 3 is "VIPs Brazil" before Puzzle Locura and Puzzles México.
The Belgian Airline ASL with their puzzling staff has reached their goal of 50,000 pcs already after 17 days and is on fabulous place 6 with 62,345 pcs. I think they will end doing their goal three times until March. 😂
"Ladies and Gentlemen, the flight from Brussels to New York has a delay of 40 days..." 😉
Congratulations to all 26 Fun Groups and their heartily players! Go go go!

 The 100 players invited by Cashback World are in a lead at the moment of 48 puzzles to Cobble Hill's 100 invited players.
😄 Cobble Hill puzzlers, go go go! 😄

Cobble Hill's record by their players of the WPD 2019 is at 1,084,190 pcs.
Both MEGA-Teams could top this mark. Also for the Cobble Hill-Team there is a prediction of 1,096,000 pcs.

How is our activity in the different countries and cities?

Our Russian players assembled already 285,320 pieces and are in the lead. Behind them on the places 2-5 are
the USA, Spain, Poland and Belgium. See below all 37 meanwhile active countries and their activity.

Most pieces have been assembled until now in Moscow, Saint Petersburg (both Russia), Liege (Belgium),
Istanbul (Turkey), Novosibirsk (Russia) and Helmond (Netherlands).

Countries Triple Ranking

Left table: Our players from the Netherlands, Chile, Jordan and South Africa have already marked a new Country Record. Congratulations! You have now still 48 days time to better this new record for your country.
Table in the centre: All countries marked with a red background are playing this year with their highest number of player. You have the best conditions to set also a new record for your country.
Right table: ...shows the assembled pieces in all countries since the WPD 2013. To see if your country is raising or falling back since the WPD 2019 check the arrow and the number right beside. Green arrow = better position! Red arrow = you felt back. Yellow horizontal arrow = same position than in 2019. The number right beside displays the number of lost or won positions.

Thank you for playing in the 
World Puzzle Days!
Thanks to each one of you for your great activity, your spirit and your loyalty to our annual event.
You make this event international and so very special.

That's it for this week. Thank you for your interest in rankings.
Next Weekly Rankings, next Monday!