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This shop is only for players of the World Puzzle Days.
Welcome to the Club!

Thanks to our WPD Cashback Card the organizer gets often discount on puzzles using his card. (You may do the same, and if you still do not have a WPD Cashback Card just ask for your card!) The puzzles in our store will be offered to you without any profit. The only condition being you have to be a WPD Player from the current year. Means, players from the WPD 2020 get offers from our WPD Shop.

If you did not play in the WPD of the current year, but you want to obtain a certain puzzle, you can transfer 12 Euros extra on the payment of the puzzle and we take this money for your next year's WPD where you are already fully registered then, and you can enjoy our shop until end of next year. The idea is that our cheap offers bring more players and you support with your purchase the WPD a little bit.

Our players of the World Puzzle Days are privileged members of the WPD Club to get offers and to offer at Used Puzzles their treasures.

Used Puzzles
from our Players

How will this work?

Every player of the current event may build an album on his Facebook, VK or whatever, with photos and prices, and send the link to his album to us. We set this player here in a table with country information and by a click on his album's symbol the user comes directly to his/her offers. Please make sure (in your settings) that your album is visible for all users on facebook, and not only for your friends, so that most possible user can see your offers.
           Every player is responsable for offering complete puzzles or to mention missing pieces!
If a puzzle is not complete, he has to mention this on the photo's description in his album! And every player is responsable to update his own album to avoid offering puzzles for sale they are no longer available. Your link will be given once to your symbol. So if you offer new puzzles, upload them always to the same album on your Facebook. Players from the WPD 2020 they do not register for the WPD 2021 before December 15, 2020 will be deleted from our listing, because this offer is only for current WPD players. Your participation is a membership!

So please renew your membership by a subscription and payment (if there's no sponsor) for the next WPD on time!

Welcome to the Club!