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Order your OWN Slideshow with only your puzzles!

Many different designs possible.
You can choose designs between all you can see on
this page.

° Name your photos as "1", "2", "3", "4", and so on, before you send them by mail.
° Fill out an excel-sheet with 4 columns "Puzzle number", "Puzzle Title", "Brand", "Pieces" and optionally "Date of Assembly".
° Tell me how you want your puzzles presented: "Title, Brand, Pieces, Date of Assembly" or "Brand, Title, Date of Assembly", etcetera.
° Choose an mp3 file with the music you want to hear on your slideshow. (40 photos around 4'30''!)
° Send the excel together with your photos and the music to

Your personalized Slideshow will come to you as a video. You can upload it later to YouTube, etc.

See below the prices for longer slideshows with more than 50 photos. A slideshow can show up to a maximum of 400 photos. But the longer a slideshow is, the less people watch your entire slideshows. Best recommended lengths of slideshows are with 1-50 and 1-100 photos. Of course two different slideshow creations of -for example- 28 photos each one are also two times 13 euro and also two videos for you.

Number of Photos

Price in Euro

001 - 050

€ 13,00

051 - 100

€ 18,00

101 - 151

€ 23,00

151 - 200

€ 28,00

201 - 250

€ 31,00

251 - 300

€ 34,00

301 - 350

€ 37,00

351 - 400

€ 40,00

If you have no experience with excel tell me and I'll send you a prepared excel-sheet you only have to fill out with your data. Please write like you want to see your text later in the video! Your text will not be corrected. If you write IN CAPITAL LETTERS you'll see it later also in capital letters. Your text will only be copied, to avoid misunderstandings. Because you could want to see your text like you sent it to me. So please avoid typos! If you fill out the excel  | #1 | Neuschwanstein Castle | Clementoni | 2000 | 2020-02-07 | and you tell me, you want all data in the video, you'll see below your photo: "Neuschwanstein Castle - Clementoni, 2000 pcs. - Assembled: 2020-02-07". (Typos will be copied automatically! So check your excel before sending it!)