Give piece a chance


A few Steps how to play

There are only 7 repeating steps for playing in the WPD...  Please watch them once!
Thank you!

Step 1: Take a photo of your start with the actually Secret Symbol...
(The actually Secret Symbol will be shown here on December 31 and will be valid for the entire event.)

Step 2: Go to and take the menu WPD 2019 > Personal Tables...

Step 3: Scroll down to your personal table and click on your surname...
(Listing is sorted first by countries and then by surnames and first names!)


Step 4: Upload your photo(s) of progress...

PC mode
(Your upload button!)

Mobile mode
(Your upload button!)

Note: If you have no upload button there are two possibilities why you don't have it...
1. You are still no member of our group. Send a member request and try it a little later again!
2. You try to upload by mobile phone and opened the site by the facebook app. Open it by browser!

Step 5: Continue playing... You may upload as many photos of progress of your puzzles as you want. But don't forget to show on at least three photos (at ~0, 40, 80% or at 0, 50. 100%) the Secret Symbol!
For all the following photos you simply repeat the steps 2 to 4.


Step 6: When you have finished your puzzle please upload the photo of your treasure twice!

Step 7:
 We collect all our finished puzzles in albums called MINE IS DONE. The upload to the MID will be done by the organization team. By a click on the album you see in the photo below (it's on top of the page "Personal Tables") you can send an email with the photo of your finished puzzle and 4-5 data. 
1. Players name - 2. Title of your puzzle - 3. Manufacturer - 4. Number of pieces 5. Your name on facebook (only necessary if different to players name!)
Note! If the click on the album doesn't open your mail account, just send it to:

We upload your puzzle as soon as possible to the MID. And we tag you in your photo. So you will be aware that your puzzle has been uploaded successfully, and you'll get notifications by facebook when somebody has commented on your puzzle.

Thank you! That's all. You may keep on playing as many puzzles as you want during the 60 "World Puzzle Days" from December 31 until March 1 and you simply have to repeat always these few steps.

After your upload to the MINE IS DONE your puzzle will be registered as soon as possible and your number of assembled pieces will be seen on every place of the WPD program and added up to all your accounts.



And never forget...Every player feels as happy as you for each single like he gets on his puzzle!

For all other topics around the World Puzzle Days (Weekly videos, Statistics and so on) please discover all other points of the menu "WPD 2019"!
For Rankings please discover the menus "Rankings 2019" and "2013-2019". Closer explanations here.

Enjoy the World Puzzle Days 2019!