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Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!

Every year 
at the end of the World Puzzle we've a raffle of many amazing puzzles and other prizes.

Cobble Hill (Canada) donates 6 puzzles.
Winners may choose 1 puzzle out of their range.

eeBoo (USA) donates 6 puzzles.
Winners may choose 1 puzzle out of their range.

Step Puzzle (Russia) donates 6 puzzles.
Winners may choose 1 puzzle.

Jigsaw Puzzles Online Store
1001 Puzzle
The Online Store 1001 Puzzle donates 5 puzzles.
Winners may choose 1 puzzle out of their range of Russian products 
Königspuzzle, Рыжий Кот or Puzzolini

Rare Puzzles (Spain) donates 2 shopping vouchers of € 100 for our raffles on X-Mas and in March.

 Prizes donated by the organizer
(Click on the photos to enlarge them.)


Aladdin's Magic Lamp

This prize is symbolic!! The winner gets not the lamp. The winner of the lamp has one wish free.
He may wish either the "Metallic Globe" or the "WPD Keychain".
Both are prizes of great quality, and both will be engraved for you. It'll be your choice.

Metallic globe puzzle Ø 7,5 cm - 72 pcs.

Our WPD keychain goes to... 

The magnetic puzzle globe is a new and highly decorative prize in the WPD 2019.
A fantastic prize that's very decorative on your desk at home or office.
Engraving: Side 1 "your name", side 2 "WPD 2019 + your number of assembled pieces"
We wish you lots of luck to be the happy winner.

"Heart Sutra", Own Creation

Our Guess-Puzzle: Josephine Wall Collection from Sure-Lox
Guess until Dec. 31 how many pieces the 267 players who
registered until X-Mas will assemble together and win this box!

Puzzles donated by players

"Cat City", Puzzlestory
Grace Hwu, Taiwan

"Sunset Harbour"
Kuzey E. Eryıldırım, Turkey

"Colourful Butterflies"
Annette Goldau, Germany

"Morning of Hanoi", Bien
Anonymous donator

"The last Judgement"
Dilek Gönül, Turkey

Gerardo Medina, Mexico

Titel comes later
Semiha Güngör, Turkey

"We want to be together"
Gabriella Csicsely-Mekota, UK

Collection of Derjen (Taiwanese, 1974-2012) artwork - Grace Hwu, Taiwan

"Snow Flakes On The Big Ben" - Barbara Miles, USA

"First Kiss" from
Elvira Karle, Germany

"Historic Battle" from "Margaret McConnell, USA

"Crimson Dancers" from
Elvira Karle, Germany

"A Place to be free" from Laura V. Espinosa, Spain

Our friend and player Phoenix Lau from Vietnam donates 1 puzzle to choose out of the following:

Illumination, 1000

1000 pcs.

Illumination, 1000

1000 pcs.

1000 pcs.

1000 pcs.

1000 pcs.

1000 pcs.

1000 pcs.

1000 pcs.

Illumination, 1000

Thanks to each single donator for his generousity!!