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Puzzles, Pieces & Personal Goal
Puzzles, Pieces & Goal

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Every player could set a personal goal for himselfe, which he would like to realize during the 60 days of WPD. You don't have to count your pieces and puzzles to know if you've already reached your goal. Let us do this for you! By the button above you can see your numbers of puzzles, pieces and how many pieces are missing to reach your goal, or if you've already reached it.

  • (1) shows you how many puzzles you have already assembled. (Note! It may take some hours after uploading your puzzle to the MID until it is registered and counted here. New puzzles will be registered twice a day.)
  • (2) shows you how many pieces you have already assembled.
  • (3) shows you how many pieces you have still to assemble to reach your personal goal, or if you have already reached it.
  • With (4) you may switch (setting T or D) between "Total" or "Daily". Choosing T (3) will show you the total missing pieces to reach your goal. Choosing D (3) shows you how many pieces you need to assemble every restant day to reach your goal until the end by little steps.
    (10,000 pcs in 60 days could worry you. But choosing D it shows you that this high number will be reached by only 167 pcs a day.)