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Registration form for the World Puzzle Days 2020.

Explanation of point 12: If you mean, there's no possibility for you to transfer entry charges by your own, please type "no" on question #12. Every sponsor invites 100 players. If we have for example three sponsors, but 378 players, then the last 78 players who registered will have to pay a few euros by their own. From December 1 on we'll contact these 78 players. But every player of these 78, who wrote "no" on point 12 won't be contacted. Your registration will simply be deleted in this case. Nobody will molest you to pay. If you write "yes" we'll contact and remind you friendly that there are still a few euros outstanding. No matter if you write yes or no, your subscription stays not binding.


Personal tables will be created only after your complete registration. "Complete" includes your paid entry charges. Either by a sponsor or by yourself. Of course you may pay your entry charges also by yourself now, if you say "anyway, I want to  support the WPD and this website". In this case we say thank you very much and you would give the chance for a free participation to another player to whom it's impossible to transfer the few euros from a far country.

As the WPD starts short after Christmas it's sometimes a popular gift to invite a puzzle friend to join the WPD for free, or to offer some free places for players of less prosper countries, who sometimes do not even have PayPal in their country and to transfer his or their charges. In such a case it's important to do not forget the reference WPD + Your friends name (or rather for example "2 free places") at the transfer.

For payment please follow this link.