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Statistics 2019

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Final Statistics
of the
World Puzzle Days 2019

In the WPD 2019 played 299 players from 36 countries and 200 cities all over the world. From 7 editions of the WPD we had our 3rd most players. The 299 players assembled and presented totally 3620 puzzles from 272 different manufacturers!

Our total number of worldwide assembled puzzle pieces was

It was very interesting to observe. During the first weeks we had sometimes even more pieces than in 2016 (violet line). Later some tiredness came up and we came every day closer to the red line of our goal. At the beginning of week 8 we touched on one day the red line, but at this moment started the phenomenon of every WPD that during the last week the daily numbers are rising and rising. 

4,270,964 pieces! A great number. So our Average Number of Pieces per Player was 14,284.

And this is Record!

And this is not that easy as it looks, because the more players we are, the harder it is to reach a high average number. Because there are always players who play "only" one or two puzzles. BRAVO!

Every 1.2 seconds one of us found two fitting pieces.

Our preferred size of puzzles was the 1000 pcs. We have seen 2,970 puzzles of 1000 pcs. (82%), 332 puzzles of 1500 pcs. (9%), 232 puzzles of 2000 pcs. (7%), 42 puzzles of 3000 pcs. (1%), 29 puzzles of 4000 pcs. (1%), 10 puzzles of 5000 pcs. and 5 puzzles of 6000 pcs. (<1%).
In other words, 8 out of 10 finished puzzles were a 1000, every 11th puzzle was a 1500, every 16th puzzle was a 2000, every 86th puzzle was a 3000, every 125th puzzle was a 4000, every 362nd puzzle was a 5000 and every 724th finished puzzle was a 6000 pcs. puzzle.

All our puzzles together would be a big carpet of

Puzzles were also in the WPD 2019 to 77% a hobby for (230) women, 15% for (43) men and 8% for (25) teams. 
Most teams are built by 1 woman and 1 man. So we can say, "~81% and ~19% women and men".

In the Battle of Sexes women were again clearly 1 step ahead this year.

 A big BRAVO to our puzzle-women who lead now after 7 editions 4:3!
But both, women as well as men marked this year a new record for their gender.
14,910 and 10,904!

Every day we finished between 50,000 and 65,000 pieces. On weekends even around 80,000 and more. Our most active day was February 28. We've finished 111 puzzles of 133,000 pcs on this day.

Every player could set a personal goal for himself. 99 players had such a personal goal and 52 reached it. Congratulations to everybody for reaching his personal goal. To the ones who did not reach it: Heads up! Next time a new chance. And you are not alone not reaching your goal. The main thing is you had a lot of fun.

Every player could guess how many pieces we will assemble in the WPD 2019.
And the winner of our this year's Guess & Win Puzzle iiiis
Şule Göçmen from Istanbul in Turkey!
Congratulations, Şule! Your guess was only +12,913 away.
The next closest guesses were +22,913 (Ronnie Angulo), -49,087 (Barbara St. John & Emma González) and +54,913 (Puzzle ES). 

Şule, and this is your win!

In the WPD 2019 we have seen totally 272(!) different puzzle manufacturers!
86 out of them were completely new to the World Puzzle Days.
And these were our 
30 most popular brands:

Our sponsor Cobble Hill jumped this year from #23 on the fantastic place #9!!! Jumbo, Cobble Hill and Schmidt were head-to-head during all the 60 days, and it has been very interesting, who would finish at the end on 8th, 9th and 10th place. We saw 108 amazing puzzles from Cobble Hill.
Many players showed their gratitude for the 100 free participations by playing Cobble Hill puzzles.

If you have another Cobble Hill in your stash, keep it up for the WPD 2020!
Cobble Hill's 
News Catalog of 2019 contains many amazing puzzle news,
if you need an idea what to play in the WPD 2020 watch and enjoy their amazing puzzles!

By the way, the 100 happy players invited by Cobble Hill assembled totally 903 puzzles of
1,084,190 pieces!

Every player assembled almost 11,000 pieces! BRAVO!


In Europe were most players active (138). In North-America and Asia we had the same number of players (55), and in South-America played 47* players. In Australia & Oceania we had also 4 players.

* 46 + 1 who could not finish on time.



Here a map where we were playing in the World Puzzle Days 2019.

We were playing in 36 countries.

Andorra * Argentina * Australia * Austria * Belgium * Bolivia * Brazil * Bulgaria * Canada * Chile * Colombia * Czech Republic * Ecuador * France * Germany * Greece * Indonesia * Ireland * Italy * Malaysia * Mexico * Netherlands * New Zealand * Poland * Romania * Russia * Spain * Sweden * Switzerland * Taiwan * Turkey * United Kingdom * Ukraine * USA * Venezuela * Vietnam


But not only we players enjoyed our amazing puzzles. People interested in jigsaw puzzles all over the world were following our activity and enjoyed your beautiful puzzles!



Europe & Asia

Asia & Australia and Oceania

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