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Weekly Stats 

of the
World Puzzle Days 2020

Stats after 3 Weeks

Hooray! The World Puzzle Days 2020 is running great!

During past week two more players joined us and meanwhile we are 357 players in 42 countries.
Here you can see all countries and how many women, men and teams are playing.

Taking the stats of 8 years WPD we can say, puzzle playing is a hobby to 80% for women and 20% for men.

And women are unstoppable on their passion.
In our Battle of Sexes women lead after three weeks 5853 : 4939
Means, women have an average number of 5,853 pieces per player, men have 4,939.
In the first week men had a great start. It seems that women took week 1 for stretching and last meditations... 
But then women were warmed up and look yourself what happens...


From the 357 registered players 258 have already finished one or more puzzles. 

The other 99 are still working on their first puzzle.
Players from 175 cities started playing during the first three weeks and showed us 1,389 puzzles.

1389 amazing puzzles from
160 different brands
we have seen in three weeks.
34 brands were new to WPD.

Our prefered size is the 1000.

We have seen until now:
1225 puzzles of 1000 pcs.
94 puzzles of 1500 pcs.
56 puzzles of 2000 pcs.
7 puzzles of 3000 pcs.
7 puzzles of 4000 pcs.

Here you can see our activity on the different continents...

In the photo above were counted only the 258 already active players.

Worldwide we have assembled in the first three weeks exactly 1,529,432 pieces! 🤩
We are playing (white line) parallel to our goal (red line) of 5,000,000 pieces.
The prediction is always between 4.6 and 5.0 million pieces, and depends to the latest finished puzzles which are uploaded every few hours. We still have the realistic chance to assemble 5 MILLION pieces in our 60 days.
And if we fail at the end -what I do not believe, I believe in you-
we could also better our best mark from the WPD 2016 of 4,746,381 pieces!
If the 99 still inactive players start playing also, the 5,000,000 pieces worldwide should not be any difficulty.

Just let's have active fun without pressure and the goal will be reached with positive energy. 😊

79 players gave a guess how many pieces will be assemled by the 312 players who have registered until Christmas.
These 312 players and teams assembled until now 1,433,953 pieces 
and the player with the closest guess is currently Debra Saucke from the USA.

Every 1,0 second one of us fits 1 piece on all our puzzles!
Another graph shows you how many pieces we had "today" in the years 2013-2020...
We have still an advantage of 38,000 pcs to the WPD 2016! Last year we had 89,000 pcs. less on the same day.

With 258 already active and 99 still inactive players we'll have the second biggest players group of WPD!
If you are one of the 99, what are you waiting for? 😉 Enjoy your own puzzle and go go go!

12 Players (5%) have reached their Personal Goal until now. Congratulations!

As every player may choose his own puzzle and favorite brand we are always curious
which brands are the most prefered brands in the World Puzzle Days...
And after three weeks we have this current standing:

Trefl felt back by 2 places from 5 to 7, Heye raised from 6 to 5, Jumbo from 8 to 6, Cobble Hill from 7 to place 8.

Our generous sponsor Cobble Hill Puzzles from Canada is on a perfect 8th place, thanks to many amazing jigsaw puzzles in their product range of 2020. And also older Cobble Hills are always fun to assemble.
Very interesting the newcomers on place 10 and 14!
Bluebird (French product made in Turkey) is 94 places better than in 2019, Hatber (Russia) even 140 places!

Some players have set their personal goal to play at least the number of pieces our average number of all players is.
So if you set this as your personal goal you should have until now ~5,936 assembled pieces. 😉

Our Battery level shows our activity of the past 7 days in comparison to our most active day of the event.
I think our battery is still okay after the first 20 days. We had a few relaxing days at the beginning of past week. But the weekend was very high activity again. To get a better opinion we ask always to do not wait until a certain day of the week to upload all your finished puzzles of last week. So the WPD appears on some days like a ghost town, and then there are so many data of finished puzzles on one day, that the organizational team cannot get through all.

 On this graph you can see good our higher weekend activities. Every weekend we finish around 200,000 pieces.

And here you can see our activity on the different continents.
Europeans have an average number of 7,958 pieces/player
have an average number of 5,045 pieces/player
South-Americans have an average number of 5,092 pieces/player
Our Asian players have an average number of 2,363 pieces/player
In Australia & Oceania our friends play 3,691 pieces/player
and our friend in Africa played 3,008 pieces.
Our average number of pieces per player worldwide is currently at 5,936 pieces/player.

So if you want to see your continent's average number over the worldwide average number,
stop reading and run back to your puzzle table. 😁

However, that's it for this week. Thank you for your interest in statistics.
If you want to see our Weekly Rankings, please click here to continue.

Next Stats and Rankings, next Monday!