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If there's a problem for you, it's better you detect it before the event, not during it! So we can solve it together.

 What are we doing at the World Puzzle Days?
(Video of the WPD 2018.)

News about our Website

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Where will we play?

We'll play like always on Facebook. Why, when we have here an own site now?

I planned a WPD website to play completely outside Facebook and sent my draft to 35 professional webdesign companies. Half of them either didn't reply or replied their company would be too small for such a big project. And the other half sent me offers to design our site for 100,000 and more Euros... For the amount of money I hoped to get designed our website (€ 15,000), and which I would be able to pay being a simple private person, they said, I'd get perhaps the anual maintenance.

And private offers by friends (to design the site in their spare-time and for much less money) stayed all fruitless. I explained and explained and at the end they disappeared or let me wait weeks long to clear only one point. By this mentality we would have no WPD website still for the WPD 2025...

So I decided to start creating our site without the possibility to play here, and to continue playing where we always had so much international fun. And I'm sure we'll have also in future a lot of fun there. This site will be a perfect place for you to find everything about the WPD. From our rules and registration form until our playing tables, MINE IS DONE albums and prizes. And who knows? Perhaps I'll find ways during my work here to offer you possibilities to play on this site by widgets and without the need to visit Facebook. (But the pinboard will be on Facebook and a Facebook account will be also required!)

And of course we have here a great site with a very clear structure, to present our generous sponsors. Every sponsor invites 100 of you to play for free. On the left side I present our sponsors for you. By a click on the logo you come to their website, and by a click on "News 2018" you come to their puzzle News of the current year.

I wish you much fun with this website. Please be patient! The constructions will be finished as soon as possible and we have still 180 days until the start of the WPD 2019.

Thanks for reading,

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