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A few Steps how to play

You have registered to play the WPD 2020? Thank you very much!
So now you'll want to know how it continuous...

After your registration there's to wait until we start playing on December 31.

  • Please send a member request in our group, if you are still no member. Only members may upload photos! In our group you get updated information about the upcoming event.
  • If you need still puzzles to play in the 60 days of WPD you can use the time until start to buy lovely puzzles you see online. If you need some inspiration we can recommend you the amazing puzzles of our sponsor Cobble Hill from Canada who has pretty challenging shapes of their puzzle pieces and amazing images. Once again, allowed are all puzzles of 1000 to 6000 pieces and a few 18000, 32000 and 40320 pcs. puzzles where 1 bag shows a complete picture.
  • Above you have the menu "WPD 2020". By a click on "WPD 2020" you see our home page of the current event, our WPD-Clock and a countdown showing you when the event will start and end. This clock is "European Central Time" and a clock for all players. No matter where you live.
  • We may ask you to transfer your entry charges at the latest until December 15. You can see here in column "G" if your entry charges were already paid by one of our sponsors, or if you have to pay by yourself. If you have already transferred your charges by yourself, you can see in column "N" of the same page if it has been already noticed.
  • If you still have not registered, please do this as soon as possible. You avoid artificial stress during the last days of the year. Thank you very much!
  • After your registration a personal album will be created for you, and uploaded as soon as possible. You will be tagged in this album to welcome you and to give you some links you'll need.
  • On December 31 you'll see by the click on "WPD 2020" in the menu above a video presenting you the "Secret Symbol" of the WPD 2020. Also at "WPD 2020 > Personal Tables you'll see above a photo of the symbol. You may upload as many photos as you want to your personal album. But this secret symbol should be visible on at least 3 photos of progress of every puzzle. In best case when you start your puzzle, at ~50% of progress and beside the finished puzzle. In the album MINE IS DONE you may upload a perfect photo of your finished puzzle without the symbol. But in your personal album the symbol should be visible. This symbol says "my puzzle was not done already before the event".

If you want to play without rankings you need only the left menu "WPD 2020".

The yellow arrow leads you to your Personal Table and Personal Card and to all other players tables as well as to the information (above) how to upload your finished puzzle to the MID album.
By the green arrow you can find all our MINE IS DONE albums and watch all our finished puzzles.
By the red arrow you can see a long listing of all our finished puzzles.
The blue arrow leads you to our weekly videos with many amazing puzzles from all over the world.
All pink arrows lead you to statistical informations.
The white arrows you need to follow only if you want to play with rankings and tables.

There are only 6 repeating steps for playing in the WPD...  Please watch them once!
Thank you!

Step 1: Take a photo of your start with the actually Secret Symbol...
(The actually Secret Symbol will be shown here on December 31 and will be valid for the entire event.)

Step 2: Use the menu WPD 2020 > Personal Tables to upload your photos.

Step 3: Scroll down to your personal table and click on your surname. (Listing is sorted first by countries and then by surnames and first names!) On the right side you will be led to your Personal Card with many personal information. (Loading your Personal Card may take a few minutes!)

Step 3b: You get many personal information on your Personal Card. By the red arrows you can enable/disable rankings. The pink arrow shows you where you can find a table only with your puzzles. If you want to know if your puzzle has already been uploaded and counted, or how many and which puzzles you have played during the event, just check this here. In the 35 fields on the right below you may write current numbers of favorites you've seen in the MINE IS DONE albums. (Every puzzle will get a current number when it will be uploaded to the MID.) In the small table below you'll see closer information about these puzzles and -if the WPD team has enough time- the titles will have a link that leads you to your favorites in the MINE IS DONE albums. Besides this you may see many more personal information.

Step 4:
Upload your photo(s) of progress...

PC mode
(Your upload button!)

Mobile mode
(Your upload button!)

Note: If you have no upload button there are two possibilities why you don't have it...
1. You are still no member of our group. Send a member request and try it a little later again!
2. You try to upload by mobile phone and opened the site by the facebook app. Take the browser! If you open it by the link in "Personal Tables" you open your album automatically in your phone's browser.

Step 5: Continue playing... You may upload as many photos of progress of your puzzles as you want. But don't forget to show on at least three photos (at ~0, 40, 80% or at 0, 50. 100%) the Secret Symbol!
For all the following photos you simply repeat the steps 2 to 4.


Step 6: When you have finished your puzzle please upload the photo of your treasure twice!
Once into your Personal Album and then once again please send your photo by e-mail to (red arrow in the photo below!) with the following info: 1. Player's/Team's Name, 2. Puzzles Title, 3. Brand, 4. Number of Pieces, 5. Your name on facebook (only necessary if different to players name!) - After this you may start your next puzzle and begin again with step 1. 

We collect all your finished puzzles in albums called MINE IS DONE. The upload to the MID will be done after your sent mail by the organization team, and we give your puzzle a current number. You may watch all finished puzzles following the green arrow in the photo above, menu point MINE IS DONE.  If there are no problems caused by facebook during the week (shuffled photos, etc.) we will change every Monday at 0:00 (WPD Clock!) to the next MID album. Means there are planned 9 MID albums for 9 weeks. In the tables of your Personal Card you can see also the number of the MID album (MID 1 to 9) where your searched puzzles is to find. 

We upload your puzzle as soon as possible to the MID. And we tag you in your photo. So you will be aware that your puzzle has been uploaded successfully, and you'll get notifications by facebook when somebody has commented on your puzzle.

Thank you! That's all. 
You may keep on playing as many puzzles as you want during the 60 "World Puzzle Days" from December 31 until February 29, 2020 and you simply have to repeat always these 6 steps.

If you want to know if your latest puzzle has already been counted to your account you can check this on your Personal Card (<better, because there are only your puzzles) or by the menu WPD 2020 > Finished Puzzles.



And never forget...Every player feels as happy as you for each single like he gets on his puzzle!

For Rankings please discover the menus "Rankings 2020" and "2013-2020". Closer explanations here.

Enjoy the World Puzzle Days 2020!