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Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!

Every year at the end of the World Puzzle Days there's a raffle of many amazing puzzles and more.

Cobble Hill (Canada) donates 6 puzzles.
Winners may choose 1 puzzle out of their range.

Step Puzzle (Russia) donates 6 puzzles.
Winners may choose 1 puzzle.

 Prizes donated by the organizer
(Click on the photos to enlarge them.)

Your key chain is high quality and it will be engraved for you on both sides.

Our WPD key chain goes to... 

Engraving: Side 1 "your name", side 2 "WPD 2020

Puzzles donated by players

"Morning of Hanoi", Bien
Anonymous donator

"New York", Clementoni
Isidro Iglesias

"The Last Supper", Clementoni
Isidro Iglesias

"Awesome Alphabet - A", Rav.
Isidro Iglesias

"With You" - Puzzle Gallery
Grace Hwu


Our friend and player Phoenix Lau from Vietnam donates 1 puzzle to choose out of the following:
(All puzzles have 1000pcs. - PL - 01-05 are illuminated.)

PL - 01 (illum.)

PL - 03 (illum.)

PL - 04 (illum.)

PL - 05 (illum.)

PL - 06

PL - 07

PL - 08

PL - 09

PL - 10

PL - 11

PL - 02 (illum.)

PL - 12

PL - 13

PL - 14

Thanks to each single donator for his generousity!!