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Final Statistics 

of the
World Puzzle Days 2020

World Puzzle Days 2020 are over. So let us lean back and look what happened in these 60 days!
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In chapter 8 of the World Puzzle Days played 312 players and teams of 40 different countries and 214 cities.

Here you can see all countries and women (red), men (blue) and teams (green).

Teams have been built this year mostly by women (mother and daughter, two girl friends,...) So splitting the 10% of teams in ~7% + ~3% to women and men, we can say that we had ~85% women and 15% men.
This was the lowest percentage ever for men.

So it was not surprising that most pieces in the WPD 2020 have been assembled by women. And although we assembled half a Million pieces more than in 2019, men assembled less than last year, and for the first time also less than teams.

In our Battle of Sexes took women advantage of this situation and gave men a slap with
15,667 : 10,552 assembled pieces per player. 😁
A slap between friends... BRAVO to our women!
After 8 years the stand is now 5:3 for women.

But from the WPD 2021 on our Battle of Sexes will be something different. It will give 1 point after every 12 days.
5 points totally. An odd number. So a draw is not possible.

The 312 players were our second highest number of players
after the necessary change of policy in WPD 2017.
We have since 2018 again a permanently growing
list of participants.
The goal for the WPD 2021 is a list of 400 players/teams.

All 312 players together assembled in 60 days of WPD the incredible amount of 4,760,831 pieces!
And this is WPD-RECORD!

You did it! We did it all together! After four long years trying to beat what our players of WPD 2016 reached in a very field of 709 players and also a great activity, our 312 players beat their number by only 14,450 pieces.
The incredible low number of 14 finished puzzles decided after almost 5 Million assembled pieces.

It was a heart-stopping finish against the players of WPD 2016. After almost 5 Million pieces we stopped unbelieveable 1,500 pieces under the mark of 2016. But during the final check of all 360 Personal Albums I could find some puzzles they were not uploaded due to our three times failing submission form for finished puzzles.
And some puzzles I had to disqualify due to missing Secret Symbols.
But at the end we had a plus of incredible 14,450 pieces. 😀 ...Greetings from Hollywood!

We saw in the WPD 2020
a never ending avalanche of 4,192 amazing jigsaw puzzles
of 280 different manufacturers from all over the world.
77 brands were played for the first time in the WPD.

In all WPD since 2013 we saw until now 17,162 puzzles from 496 different brands.

Most players decided to assemble a puzzle of 1000 pieces.

3,574 puzzles  (85%) had 1000 pieces,
   346 puzzles  (   8%) had 1500 pieces,
    212 puzzles  (   5%) had 2000 pieces,
      33 puzzles (0.8%) had 3000 pieces,
        18 puzzles (0.4%) had 4000 pieces,
          4 puzzles (0.1%) had 5000 pieces,
  and 5 puzzles (0.1%) had 6000 pieces.

Our activity per player continues also growing year by year.
 Since 2013 our Average Number per Player grows and grows.
This year we had already 15,291 pieces per player!
WOW! Another Record!

Altough we have lost many players after WPD 2016, we see on this graph that players are playing much more than before 2017.

Your high activity of course has results...
179 players and teams have beaten their own best mark
of former WPD, and 107 have reached their Personal Goal!
45% of all players who set a personal goal has reached it!

Could we say after WPD 2019 that every 1.2 seconds somebody of us
found 1 piece to assemble, so we can say this year "every second one of us finds a piece".
And this on a long long way of 60 days.

We had days with more activity, and days with less. Our highest activity we had -like always- on our last day of the event. Many players finish their puzzle on the last day. 😄 In comparison to WPD 2019, when we had ~400,000 pieces on the last two days, we had the 400,000 this year spread on the last four days, and except on Monday the entire last week has been a very active week with 100,000 and more pieces per day.

Watching this graph we may say "what are 14,450 pieces, we had at the end advantage to our former record?"

An so we played on the different continents.

In our 8th edition we played for the first time also in Africa. (Thanks to you, Rayno! 😄)
Most players came again from Europe. Second most players came from North America. South America and Asia had almost the same number of players, and our activity in Australia and New Zealand grew also.

79 players gave a guess how many pieces will be assemled by the 312 players who have registered until Christmas. You have to see that this is not the number of pieces from all 312 players of the WPD 2020. These two numbers are accidentally the same number 312! For this game we wanted to know how many pieces would be assembled by the 312 players they registered before Christmas. Some of them did not play later. So this number is lower than our total number of pieces. After Christmas and after you gave me your guess registered 48 more players. On our total number of 4,760,831 pieces are also pieces from these 48 players added up.

The 312 players and teams, registered before Christmas, assembled totally 4,409,995 pieces.
And our player with the closest guess is Ginkaaa Bayrakovaaa from Bulgariaaa. 🥳

Bravo, Ginka! Your guess of 4,399,199 pieces was the closest guess and with the difference of 10,796 pieces you gave the second closest guess ever. Here are our closest guesses since the WPD 2017:
1. Jessica Richter (USA) - 10,463 pcs. in WPD 2017
2. Ginka Bayrakova (Bulgaria) - 10,796 pcs. in WPD 2020
3. Şule Göçmen (Turkey) - 11,905 pcs. in WPD 2019
4. Mert Dereli (Turkey) - 21,559 in WPD 2018
This year the organizer of WPD wanted to know also, if he is able to predict our final number -of course, without any chance to win the prize- and Günther's guess was 246,637 pcs. too high, hahah.

Also on this game we will have a little change next year. There will be one more field on the registration form for "Average Number of Pieces per Player". Please fill out your guess of "Average Number per player". (This year we had 15,291.) Your number will be multiplicated by the program automatically by the number of active players.
So we do no longer need the number of players, registered before Christmas, we'll take the total number we've assemble by all players.

Example: You give in the registration form the guess of 15,111. Later it does not matter how many players will register. If there play -for example- 322 players in WPD 2021, the programm multiplicates your 15,111 by 322 and your guess will be 4,865,742. Players who do not play will be ignored automatically.

Our Most Popular Brands of WPD 2020
As every player may choose his own puzzle and favorite brand we are always curious
which brands are the most prefered brands in the World Puzzle Days...
And these were out Top 50 manufacturers of the WPD 2020.

The entire table you can see here.
Our Top 5 of WPD 2019 stayed our Top 5. Only places have been changed a little bit between them. 

Our sponsor Cobble Hill has ended on fabulous place 8, one place better than in 2019, and is again
#1 manufacturer of North American brands in the World Puzzle Days.
Congratulations to Cobble Hill Puzzle Company!
Your success is not very surprising and well diserved, seen your amazing product range of 2020.

If you were not a player of the World Puzzle Days 2020, just a spectator, and you feel you would like to be part of our amazing worldwide puzzle community and our annual Games, please go to our next year's group and send a member request. So you won't lose any news about WPD 2021.
Besides this our registration form will be open from March 28 on.
The countdown to open the registration form for 2021 is here on top of the page and the first 100 players/teams will be invited again by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company from Canada.
A button to the registration form will be placed beside the countdown, in our different groups of former and future WPD, and also on Cobble Hill's page.

Thank you so much for your support, Cobble Hill!

And if you are Mr. SunsOut, Eurographics or Tenyo, Mrs. Ravensburger, Jumbo or Educa, Mr. Piatnik, Bluebird, Trefl, Clementoni,... and you would like to make also 100 players happy, inviting them to play for free in the name of your company, don't hesitate to contact WPD here for closer informations and a direct contact to Mr. WPD. 😉

And -who knows- perhaps your company will participate next time already in our Sponsor's ranking and your 100 players will assemble more than 1.25 Million pieces and leave your company's name for posterity on top of our...