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Your Personal Cards

  The Personal Cards are completely new in the World Puzzle Days, and they are a first tentative attempt of a visualization of the organizer's dream like WPD could be in future. A perfect version would be made by expensive databases and not by So we have to try it for now by Disadvantage will be that loading of your Personal Card may take some extra-seconds, or even minutes. But your card gives you many great information, you often asked the organizer for, and also an overview of the WPD and your activity.

How can you play with your Personal Card?
Let's take one of us as an example to explain...   Susan McCann from Canada

Susan wants to know several things about her activity in the WPD 2020, but the organizer on the other side of the planet is sleeping. Great! But she is impatiently and wants to know it now. 😊 So what can Susan do?...

Susan goes to our website and the menu WPD 2020 and clicks on "Personal Tables".
Scrolling downwards until the Canadian players and her name she finds on the right side "Personal Card".
Both, her name as well as "Personal Card" contain links.
Her name has the link to her Personal Photo-Album, "Personal Card" has the link to her personal information.
Susan clicks on "Personal Card" and starts the coffee-machine... (Easily with the shortcut Alt+Enter!)
(Because it may take some minutes to load the card. 😉)
Hint! If it seems after a few minutes that your card doesn't load completely , perhaps some fields show "loading..." or the page is completely white, give it a new try pressing the key "F5" on your keyboard.
This may help also to bring updated information to your card.

After loading her card Susan will see this:

Many many information...
Following I would like to explain the individual parts one by one.

  On top Susan can see (green marked) in which years she was playing the World Puzzle Days. In her case in 2018, 2019 and 2020. On the right side she has information about actually date and how many days the WPD still run. The left part with the violet field I explain later...
In the line below Susan gets two different messages...
On the left side I can write a short message to her that only this player sees on his Personal Card. For example "Please use the Secret Symbol!" - On the right side she gets information, if she raised to another player's level.

  In the yellow line Susan can see her Personal Goal (if she set one), and how many pieces she still has to assemble to reach her goal. (Also with pieces by the remaining days until end of WPD. I hope it works well. 😁) On our example Susan set 25,000 pieces as her personal goal and has played 1 puzzle of 1530 pcs. So there are still 23,470 pcs. to go and the "pieces per day" should be the 23,470 devided by the remaining days until end of WPD.

  In the centre Susan sees how many puzzles and pieces she has already assembled in the WPD 2020. And also when the latest update has been done. So if Susan believes, "hey, but I am sure I did more!", it is not necessary to call the sleeping organizer by phone and wake him up!!! Your latest puzzle will be added and counted after the organizer wakes up by himself... 😊

 On the right she sees, how many puzzles and pieces she has assembled in all WPD since 2013 together.

In the next line Susan has an overview about all the Fun-Groups she is playing for...
Here she can see how many pieces were done and how many players (P) are playing for these groups.
And also on which place her groups at the moment are. Susan can disable/enable this part in the green field,
if she wants to play without pressure that she should play more in the name of her groups.

Disabled she will see an empty line.

Below the Fun-Groups Susan can check her activity and compare it with players worldwide or nationwide.
On the left table she has a short excerpt with her position between all players worldwide.
In the centre she can see only the players from her country, and on which position she is in Canada.
And on the right table she get an all-time information (since 2013) for Canadian players and her position.

The "2019" on the photo will change automatically on January 1.
The three "Watch entire table" unfortunately do not work. As I would have to correct these links on hundreds of Personal Cards one by one, I do not believe I can correct them on time before the event.
Hint! But the entire tables you can reach also by the menus "Rankings 2020" and "2013-2020"!

Players who do not like rankings can disable this part also. Simply switch on the left above from "On" to "Off"!
(By the way, there you can see also your actual Player's Level in the violet field.)
Voilà! Everything's empty now, and she can enjoy the WPD without pressure causing information...

Susan wants to know how many players from Canada are already playing in the WPD 2020 and how many pieces have been assembled by all together? She sees the information on the left side below.

  In the centre Susan can see how many pieces she still needs to assemble, if she wants to beat her own Personal Record from a former year. This number should lower automatically after every finished puzzle from her (as soon as it has been added to the table of all finished puzzles, of course).

 On the right side Susan gets information about the pieces all Canadians still have to assemble, if they want a new National Record. In the example: 78,088 pcs. After every finished puzzle of a Canadian player this number should decrease towards zero.  

Now comes something I'm sure many players will like...
A table only with all your finished puzzles!


  Many players asked during former WPDs, "I've lost the track of all my puzzles! How many puzzles have I assembled until now?" Or they are not sure if a certain puzzle has been uploaded already to one of our MINE IS DONE albums. Uploading them twice causes many extra-work when we notice the doble upload and have to delete everything from the tables. So Susan can check in such a case if all her puzzles have been uploaded. Or she can count how many puzzles she has done up to now. There is also a very informative new column "MID". It shows you in which MID album a certain puzzle is to find. Or if you believe that your number of total pieces is not correct, you can check in this table on which puzzle we do not agree and contact me. Perhaps I counted your pieces wrong. Then I correct them. Titles of puzzles could contain links to the photos. In theory! This depends if the organization team has enough time to set these links one by one for thousands of puzzles. If we can do so, you'll have automatically titles with links on your Personal Card. - Every puzzle gets a current number from 1 to ... (4500 or so). You can see this number of your puzzles left beside the MID number and also in the photo's description of every uploaded puzzle. And this is important information for the next topic below the photo...

  Susan falls in love with this puzzle below from Sveta Seregina, our Russian player, an amazing puzzle from Cobble Hill. She would like to fix it as a favorite on her Personal Card, to do not forget it and to find it again easily between thousands of finished puzzles in perhaps more than 10 full photo albums. What can Susan do in this case?

  Right beside the table of her Personal Puzzles she has a small table with 35 fields (7x5). Into these 35 fields Susan may write down numbers. < The Current Number of her favorite! In our example it's the number 3729.
(The "1" is only to show you the meaning. It is on every Personal Card initially and you can delete this by yourself!)
  Start in the first field with your first favorite's number and continue from left to right and from line to line downwards like the red arrows show you in the photo below! Write only numbers into the 35 fields above! Do not write anything into the table below (where the blue arrows are pointing at! You would overwrite formulas and damage your favorite's table. If this happens, contact me and I'll try to repair it.)

  After refreshing your Personal Card (by the key F5) it should display below all your favorites, the number in which MID album it has been uploaded, the title (with link to the photo?), the brand and how many pieces the puzzle has.


That's it!
  I deeply hope your Personal Card helps to enjoy your WPD 2020 at a maximum and that loading won't take too much time. As I said at the beginning, it is a vision of the organizer how something like puzzle playing could be in electronic age. For statistics or the "Battle of Sexes" please go to the subpage Statistics and press the button there. I wanted to keep the Personal Card as clear as possible with not too many information.

Enjoy the World Puzzle Days 2020!