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Let's try a Test-Upload to see how/if it works!

If there's a problem for you, it's better you detect it before the event, not during it! So we can solve it together.

 What are we doing at the World Puzzle Days?
(Video of the WPD 2018.)

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Constructions, Constructions, Constructions!

Hello my dear friends of the WPD!

As you can see there's finally done the start to build our website. There are many subpages still under construction. I'll try to write these pages as soon as possible, and the main language will be English. After this I'll translate all subpages into German and Spanish. For all other needed languages I may ask you. If you want to read this website in Polish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, and so on, and you would like to translate the pages and be part of our team, please contact me. I hope there are enough subpages allowed on this site. But don't start with this job before asking me! Some subpages may get still another text or perhaps somebody else already offered to translate into your language. I hope the number of subpages is not limited and I may offer you all this site in your language.


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