Do you have already your own World Puzzle Days Cash Back Card?

You can buy with your WPD Shopping Card at
130,000 shops in 50 countries.
Filling stations, supermarkets, book or cd shops, paying your flights and hotels, AliExpress, shoe shops, pharmacies and many many more.
There's even a way to use it on!

And you always get back from 1-5% of your money!
Money you can use later to buy new puzzles!
Hurry up and go now for your personal card!
Every player of the WPD 2020 can have such a card.

Click on the card for more information!

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CashBack with your WPD Shopping Card!

Every player of the WPD gets a WPD Shopping Card. By using your card you can get back your entry fee dozens of times during the year! After your registration you'll get a mail from WPD to the email-address you gave during the registration process. DON'T DELETE THIS MAIL! IT's worth money for you!
For closer information please go to the subpage "WPD Shopping Card".

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